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Acne Remover

  • ZL-S1319
  • Zlime
  • 4*AAA Batteries
  • ABS
  • 368g
  • 68g
  • White/ Pink
  • 44.5*41*34CM
  • 20pcs
  • Gift Box
  • 5.5*4*11.5CM
  • 42±3℃
  • 5.7W
  • 9.0*6.0*4.7CM

> With stronger ability to penerate the skin tissue, the red light can stimulate blood circulation and metabllism, 

  improve collagen fiber, and minimize fine linesand wrinkles, restore the skin smooth and gloss.

> The blue light accounts for 90% efficient damage acne sores propionibacterium, can be anti-inflammatory and

  bactericidal, remove acne and prevent the deterioration at the beginning of acne.

> Comprehensive repair damaged skin’s wound. Reduce the chances of scar 

  and can effective cure pockmark if use for long time.


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