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Brilliant FlowerFacial Nano Mist Sprayer

  • ZL-S1769
  • Zlime
  • USB Charging
  • ABS
  • 350±50mA
  • 104g
  • White/ Pink/ Green
  • 47*38*27CM
  • 30pcs
  • Gift Box
  • 8.5*7.55*3.0CM
  • ≤1.8W
  • DC3.7V

> Nano penetration skin care theory, the high-tech nano atomization chip and special high-speed oscillation 

  process, turn water into the 0.3-0.5nm particle which can penetrate deeply into skin.

> Using toner (please dilute with water-add 70% water first and then add 30% toner) can improve skin moisturizing 

  effect and increase the permeability.

> Using on dry hair can smooth the coarse, moisturize hair and prevent electrostatic generation.

> With time memory function, the device will be turn off automatically after 50 seconds, easy to master the 

  using time.

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