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Hot & Cold Facial Beauty Device

  • ZL-S1789
  • Zlime
  • USB Charging
  • ABS
  • 100-1500mA
  • 3H
  • 268g
  • 168g
  • 215times/s
  • White/ Champagne/ Blue
  • 45.5*33*30CM
  • 20pcs
  • Gift Box
  • 3.97*4.1*18.1CM
  • Hot:42±3℃ Cool:18±3℃
  • ≤6.3W
  • 3.7V

> All in one unit provide Cold & Hot compress, high-frequency micro-vibration and ion functions , use 

  with skin care products, can improve the skin care effect, vivify skin cells, make skin more elastic.

> One button control design, 4 modes cycle,  meet the different skin care needs, chose freely and more intimate.

> High-frequency micro-vibration ion massage , lead the essence into the skin deeply, activation of dermal 

  fibroblasts, increased collagen, and repair of elastic fibers.

> 42℃±3 Hot compress function, help to open the pores, clear the pores stains;

  18℃±3 Fast compress cold, help to lock the pores ,and moisturized.


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