Acne Remover (rechargeable)

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Model ZL-S1319A
Brand Zlime
Power supply mode USB Charging
Product material quality ABS
Charge with when 1.5H
Product gross weight 368g
Product net weight 68g
May choose the color White/ Pink
Outside box size 44.5*41*34CM
Each box of quantity 20pcs
Product packaging Gift Box
Product size 5.5*4*11.5CM
When use is long ≈1H
Application temperature 42±3℃
Product power ≤3.2W
Working voltage 5V
Product Description

> With stronger ability to penerate the skin tissue, the red light can   stimulate blood circulation and metabllism,   improve collagen fiber, and minimize fine linesand wrinkles, restore the skin smooth and gloss.

> The blue light accounts for 90% efficient damage acne sores propionibacterium, can be anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, remove acne and prevent the deterioration at the beginning of acne.

> Comprehensive repair damaged skin’s wound. Reduce the chances of scar and can effective cure pockmark   if use for long time.