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Sonic Skin Scrubber

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Model ZL-S1569
Brand Zlime
Power supply mode USB Charging
Product material quality ABS
Charge with when 1.5H
Product gross weight 258g
Product net weight 68g
May choose the color White
Outside box size 44.5*30.5*27.5CM
Each box of quantity 30pcs
Product packaging Gift Box
Product size 4.2*2.7*18CM
When use is long ≈1H
Product power ≤2.5W
Working voltage 3.7V
Product Description

> Using ultrasonic vibration technology, conductive to the deep layer of skin, decomposition pigment, dilute the black spot.

> Microwave speed of positive and negative ions flow, export dirt and import nutrition, absorb nutrition completely, clean & bright white together.

> Creative EMS function roller, to massage face from inside to outside, can relieve fine lines, the micro-current technology stimulate skin muscle, leaves skin elastic and looking younger.

> Digital LCD intelligent display, intuitive screen display dynamic, control using time any time, easily enjoy the beauty care time.