Dual Rotary Cleansing Brush

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Model ZL-S1599
Brand Zlime
Power supply mode 2*AAA Batteries
Product material quality ABS
Product gross weight 285g
Product net weight 101g
May choose the color Pink/ Green/ Purple
Outside box size 44.5*30.5*27.5CM
Each box of quantity 30pcs
Product packaging Gift Box
Product size 15.2*5.5*4.4CM
Product power ≤2W
Working voltage 3V
Product Description

> Professional pro and con rotate brush heads, can perfectly   fit face every inch of skin, in-depth clean the face dirts, cosmetic, sebum, and dead cells, give skin theclosest attention.

> Two variable speed electric cleansing system, suitable for different skin.

> Gentle and deeply clean the skin, suitable for acne and sensitive skin.

> Graceful appearance design, easy to grip and use.