Ultimate Pro Purifying System - ZL-S6659

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Model ZL-S6659
Brand Zlime
Power supply mode USB Charging
Product material quality Activated silicon
Charge with when 2H
Product gross weight 300g
Product net weight 90g
May choose the color Blue/ Green/ Pink/ Cherry Blossom Pink
Outside box size 47*38*27CM
Each box of quantity 30pcs
Product packaging Gift Box
Product size 9*3*7CM
When use is long ≈4.5H
Product power ≤0.45W
Working voltage DC3.0V
Product Description

> Environmentally friendly high-activity silicone, matrix-intensive 1392 contact brush, soft and delicate touch, mild cleansing.

> Double-sided thick brush, firmly adsorbed pores dirty and remover remnants, effective cleansing, protect the skin in a young state.

> Five variable speed control system, suitable for different skin needs, accelerate skin blood microcirculation and relieve fatigue.

> IP66 level full body waterproof and waterfproof intelligent reminder function, small and convenient, easy to use .