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Ultrasound rf Body Slimming Device


  • ZL-S6639
  • Zlime
  • USB Charging
  • ABS
  • 660g
  • 269g
  • 300000times/s
  • White/ Champagne/ Pink
  • 54.5*32.5*22.1CM
  • 10pcs
  • Gift Box
  • 9*9*11CM
  • 1H
  • ≤16.8W
  • 8.4V

> 30,0000 times/s ultrasonic high frequency vibration, instantly wake up the inside skin cells, improve cell 

  metabolism, promote fat block decomposition, dredge lymph nodes.

> powerful RF shaping function, heat effect on the dermal layer of the skin, and enhance fat-burning.

> Wavelength 625nm energy red light with high purity, powerful  photosynthetic energy and uniform energy 

  density characteristics, activate skin cells, promote cell metabolism.   

> Mechanical vibration to make collagen fiber contraction, accelerate the rate of fat decompostion, effective 

  reduction of stubborn fat.

> Unique zinc alloy massage head, feel extraordinary, equipped with LCD HD smart display, easy to operate mode.

> With user-friendly design, sophisticated internal structure and perfect light extravagant appearance, take the 

  ultimate fitness experience for you.

> USB charge, use lasting, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


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