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Warm Care & Ion Massager

  • ZL-S1209A
  • Zlime
  • 1*AAA Battery
  • ABS
  • 113.5g
  • 13.5g
  • 220times/s
  • White/ Blue/ Pink/ Black/ Gold
  • 40.5*33*26CM
  • 50pcs
  • Gift Box
  • 2.4*2.3*11.6CM
  • 42±3℃
  • 360mW

> Iontophoresis and vibration massage function, anti-wrinkle effect of skin  care

  essence or wrinkle care cream will be doubled with the help of this product. 

> Ion massager head maintain hot effect 42℃±3℃, promotes ciculatiory/

  metabolism, helps the eye cream penetrate into the skin effectively,

  relieves tension and brightens your skin.

> Suitable for gel, cream, essence, greasy and water shape skincare products.


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