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Skin Cleasning Set(Dedicated for cleansing brush device)

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Model ZL-S1329B
Brand Zlime
Product packaging Color Box
Product Description

Pumice stone head (exellent for rough callus )

Remove off rough callus, especially for elbow and heel.

Sponge applicator head

Relieve facial skin’s fatigue, activate the skin cells, improve skin blood circulation, deep cleans oil residue inside the pores.

Fine buffer head (suitable for hand and foot)

Exfoliate the keratose and dead skin, prompt skin cell metabolism,make skin smooth, delicate and youthful (not suitable for face).

Latex sponge head

Natural latex foam, fine fit the face, help to remove blackhead and old keratose, brighten the complexion.

Cleansing brush head

Flat style bristles design, with more than thirty three thousand fine soft bristles, for deep cleansing and exfoliator.